About Us

BSG was established by the Lever family and is well known throughout the Australasian leisure and hospitality industry. BSG was founded by Keith Lever with a modest beginning, being operated from under his family home. In 1977 his son Dennis along with wife Pam were handed the baton, dedicating over three decades to growing the business from a back yard operation to a multifaceted business. Today, BSG remains owned and operated by the Lever family.

BSG is proud to supply many products that are made for Australians by Australians. We employ product experts who produce premium quality Bingo Tickets, Raffle Tickets, Break-Open Cards, Scratch Cards, Electronic Bingo Equipment, Club Print, Sports Tickets and industry specific Software Programs right here in Australia. Every time you purchase products from BSG Australia you are supporting local industry. We are also committed to contributing to a sustainable environment. Australian homes and offices use approximately 2.4 million tonnes of paper per year for printing, writing and reading uses alone. All of our printed products are manufactured using recycled paper. Next time you're playing Bingo make sure you are using BSG tickets - the environmentally friendly, premium quality ticket.

BSG Australia is offering the Australian and New Zealand Bingo industry new and innovative products specifically aimed to increase venue attendance and turnover. Our commitment to deliver new innovations has never been stronger and we look forward to assisting you to grow your business. Our motivated and experienced sales team is here to help. Our commitment to all of our customers is to provide quality products and excellent service.